Remember to Shift

I had the luxury to take a wonderful bike ride along one of my favorite trails this weekend. The weather had been stormy in Michigan so I was trying to squeeze in the ride. No matter how calm the day, one direction of the path is always against the wind, and up-hill to add to the challenge. It was hot and humid, and I am peddling and pushing along when I realized all I needed to do was shift gears. How often do we get caught up in life with one mindset, one mode without “shifting gears” to make our lives easier? We are far more in control than we think we are. We need to be willing to make the shift. In this case, the shift was easy. I am not saying it will always be that way, but be

Stop Shoulding on Yourself!

Last post we were asked to change the word from "To" to "For" to help give a different, positive spin on events in your life. Today we go from "Should" to "Want" How many times in a day do you use the word "should?" It makes us feel guilty and not in control of our lives. A close relative of "should" is "have." "Should" and "have" are very victim-like words, sounding like we are forced, like we do not have a choice. We always have a choice! Here are some examples of how you can turn your perspective around on many of the "shoulds" and "haves." Old: I have to go to work tomorrow. New: I want to go to work tomorrow so I can plan for my retirement and save for my child's college educati

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