Growing Awareness and Mindfulness

Getting tired of the same old, same old, I decided to try a different tactic this morning as my 10-year old son started his Christmas break. Instead of the standard to-do list, brush teeth, get dressed, put your dish away, clean up the toys. I left him with this list . . . Of course since the list only said "one" thing, that is exactly what I heard back from him. LoL! But I was most happy with the fact that he stopped doing what he was doing and thought of things for each. Sure I gave him some direction with the last because I could see his passion about a topic he was showing me this AM, and he didn't tie the two together. I want him to realize that dreams take many little steps of

Gaining Momentum

I am not sure what it is about this quote that generates a fire in me, but it does! It's like a wake-up call to do a self-check and see where I am playing it safe. Where I am being tentative, keeping myself small? There are also times that I feel confident with the action that I want to take, but there is that tiny voice that likes to keep me safe, keep me small. This quote quiets that voice. This quote inspires creativity in me! It helps me generate a list of actions for the next several months that I want to pursue, but was always waiting for "something." Now, I am eager to get rolling and putting the ball in motion. What sparks that energy in you? What motivates you to follow

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