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Portobello Pizza or Burger

Five years ago I would have NEVER eaten anything like this ... so never say never!

Note: If I have a very thick mushroom, I will cut off the top and level it off. It certainly is user's taste preference.

I first found this recipe on for the burger and then realized the taste was very conducive for making a pizza out of the same recipe.

I no longer measure and mix all the ingredients in the recipe. I just spray on the extra virgin olive oil, I use Fustini's Garlic Infused olive oil (purchased on-line) and I brush on Giuseppe's Balsamic (purchased at Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Township, MI or now in Grosse Pointe), and shake on organic garlic powder, organic oregano, and organic basil.

Note: Fustini's and Giuseppe's source their oils and vinegars from the same provider.

When making the pizza, I use Organic Valley's cheese from grass-fed cows (Whole Foods), Wellshire Farm's uncured pepperoni (Whole Foods), and Rao's Homemade (Whole Foods) pizza sauce.

Here is the link for the original recipe . . .

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