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Growing Awareness and Mindfulness

Getting tired of the same old, same old, I decided to try a different tactic this morning as my 10-year old son started his Christmas break. Instead of the standard to-do list, brush teeth, get dressed, put your dish away, clean up the toys. I left him with this list . . .

Of course since the list only said "one" thing, that is exactly what I heard back from him. LoL! But I was most happy with the fact that he stopped doing what he was doing and thought of things for each. Sure I gave him some direction with the last because I could see his passion about a topic he was showing me this AM, and he didn't tie the two together. I want him to realize that dreams take many little steps of action and preparation, and don't happen overnight. I like the fact that the first action requires him to think of someone else but himself. Maybe tomorrow the list will read ... "Do five things . . . "

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