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  • M.S. Livingston

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. ~ John Dryden

Surprisingly, I have never used a habit tracker before. I have used many to-do lists, planners, calendars, and other systems before, but never a habit tracker.

I sectioned my habit tracker into categories, physical health, mental health, etc. Across from my habits, I listed the benefit of each. Sometimes we need to be reminded why we are partaking in certain activities. What am I really getting from performing this task?

I was very realistic about my list and how many times a week I wanted to engage in each activity. I found if I think I am doing heavy weights four times a week, I never sustain it. My body becomes too tired intermixed with my cardio days and I end up stopping. You need to find what works for you, but also with a little push forward. I want to grow as I incorporate these habits into my life.

I also like breaking my tracker into weeks so I can see patterns of behavior and what is and isn’t working. I can easily see that batch-cooking, even twice a week, isn’t working for me for some reason, therefore, further analysis is needed in this area for me. What do I need to become successful in my batch-cooking habit? For me, it’s ideas of items to batch cook. I will search for some new recipes to make batch-cooking more appealing and easier for me.

I have always wanted to bring more meditation and yoga into my life. Both have been on my list for a long, long time. Once I added it to my habit tracker, it was first an I “have to” do yoga and meditate today. Now my “have to” became an I “want to.” I can also feel my need for longer meditation sessions, just like when you feel the need to stretch a certain part of your body. I am going to pick a couple of days a week to increase my meditation practice. By the way, if you are interested in meditation, you can find many guided meditations on the internet to get you started. Find one that resonates with you. Also, you can start with something as simple as two minutes.

I also discovered that the habit tracker keeps me accountable. It’s not like having a to-do list each day and then tossing it when the day is over. I see this tracker day-in and day-out. I can see a missing spot!

I have really enjoyed this new tool and have even added some of my business habits to the list.

I have included an MS Excel spreadsheet or a .PDF Habit Tracker for you to download from my website ( or in the Harmonized Living FB Group under Files. There are also many habit trackers on Etsy or you can create your own!

Let me know if you decide to use a habit tracker and how it works for you!

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