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Fabulous February

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Coaching Classes:

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” – Thomas J. Watson

Most certainly we are going to “fail” at many things we attempt. After my training to become a coach, I no longer look at “failures” the same way. I now see them as stepping-stones to get me to where I need to be, one “mistake” at a time.

I would have never grown or learned as much without any of my “botched” attempts.

What has been your greatest “failure?”


Reading Corner: “We can do hard things, and, when we try, we grow stronger. It’s like weight training – the more we lift, the stronger we become, until we can lift heavier loads, until even our bones, our foundation, becomes stronger. ‘Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it,’ Winston Churchill once said. So, it is with us. Let the winds blow. I will rise and soar as I cheerfully repeat, ‘I can do hard things.’” This is How We Grow by Christina G. Hibbert.


Living Environmentally Friendly: Years ago, I ditched the fabric softener in the washer and the dryer sheets in the dryer as well, both are full of harsh chemicals. There are many dryer wool ball options available via Amazon. I add a few drops of essential oils to the dryer balls for a fresh scent.

I am excited to say we didn’t have any garbage to haul to the curb this past week! Small steps towards zero-waste living. is a resource that I have been using for years. “The Cornucopia Institute is a non-profit consumer education and watchdog organization. We research brands and investigate the industry to identify and elevate authentic organic foods and farmers, while we scrutinize the USDA National Organic Program’s enforcement and application of the organic law. Our donors provide us with the resources and the moral authority to strengthen the good food movement. Whether you're a consumer, a farmer, or a change maker, your actions propel our work.”

The site lists scorecards for the following categories: organic poultry, cottage cheese, plant-based beverages, organic dairy, snack bars, toothpaste, organic eggs, yogurt, cereal, and organic soy food. You can click on the individual companies/products to get more detail on their individual scores.


Making Me Healthier:

· Committed to clean body products or elimination all together. I have stopped using shaving cream and deodorant years ago. I have found when shaving in the shower, shaving cream is hardly necessary, in desperate times, I use my hair conditioner. If necessary, I will use Schmidt’s deodorant with a Think Dirty app rating of zero or green. I usually purchase at Target.

· Searching for ways to keeps me on track with whole food, plant-based way of life. I find that reading great testimonials, watching documentaries, or delving into studies gives me that boost to keep me on the path. I must step back and see the progress I have made with all the changes in my food choices.


Discovering: Oasis brand jalapeno hommus (yes, hommus). No oil added. Absolutely delicious on celery or in a wrap with refried black beans, organic triple blend peppers, and avocado. Yum!


Cooking: Vegan Stuffed Cabbage from I must confess and I take the easy way out and make a casserole vs the cabbage rolls. You cannot even tell the meat is missing. I am going to attempt to use this same filling as a taco recipe in the near future.

I converted my favorite chicken fajita recipe,, into mushroom fajitas. Yes, I still added some cheese. But it was fantastic. I only use one tablespoon of chipotle oil and substitute lime juice for the lemon juice.

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1 Comment

Feb 17, 2020

Another great blog. The recipes look delicious.

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