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March Madness Continues into April!

Coaching Corner: These are very different times for us during the COVID-19 stay-at-home ruling. Many will struggle with negative emotions and many will try to fight them. First, realize that is it perfectly OK to be exactly where you are at the moment. Take the time to feel what you are feeling, it is quite interesting to be left with your emotions without the hustle and bustle of every day living to distract you. For those of you who want to feel differently, but do not know how to make the move up the ladder, I recommend the “at least” statements. It is very hard to jump from sad, pissed, angry to elated, joyful, etc. it takes gradual steps and that is where the “at least” statements come in. They work like this …

Original statement: Another crappy, rainy day out.

At least statement: At least I do not have to water my freshly laid grass seed.

At least statement: At least I am not indecisive for what I will do today since I cannot be outside, I will get my other indoor project completed.

Original statement: My boss is so demanding lately.

At least statement: At least I am employed during these trying times.

Original statement: I am frustrated that the grocery store is out of so many of the items I wanted.

At least statement: At least I have the financial means to purchase these groceries during these trying times.


Reading Corner:

"Positive liberty, is freedom from internal constraints. The lecturer tried to clarify. He said positive liberty is self-mastery – the rule of self, by the self … to take control of one’s own mind, to be liberated from irrational fears and beliefs, from addictions, superstitions, and all other forms of self-coercion." Educated, Tara Westover.


Living Environmentally Friendly:

I am still in search of ways of eliminating single use items, heck, I even use old bread bags and used Ziploc bags (when my Mom drops off cookies) for my short-term compost scraps. I have converted to glass containers for all my food storage, even when packing lunches (I avoid plastic containers due to the uncertainty of what is in the plastics and leaching into my foods.)

Another change I made was to swap out the tiny dixie cups used in the bathroom with these shot glasses,

They come in a six-pack giving each bathroom three glasses making it easy to put in the dishwasher and have another immediately on hand. I prefer to drink out of glass over paper and it looks much nicer on the countertop as well. We have been using them for about two months and love the switch!


Making Me Healthier:

Source: Egoscue of Phoenix


Still Using: I am still finding ways to keep meditation in my life even though there are days that seem so “rushed” for no reason. I have been using this guided meditation,, it is all about positive energy. It is short, about 10 minutes, and it speaks about love, joy, and gratitude. After the meditation, I was thinking what is one thing that brings all three of those emotions to my life and I quickly discovered the answer was sunshine. What brings you love, joy, and gratitude?



I often eat Meijer’s organic hash browns for breakfast or a snack, however, with the food supply being limited these days, they have not been in stock for a while. I discovered that I could make my own hash browns that are tastier, cheaper, and eliminates yet another plastic bag. Very simply, I peel and shred a potato or two and cook on the stove top. Yum!

We purchased this phone holder for our son as a Christmas gift to help him avoid the tech neck when watching his YouTube videos. It has become an invaluable tool with the recent Zoom calls and virtual appointments.


When we first went plant based, I searched for a hamburger replacement. Being a mushroom lover, this burger definitely appealed to us,

This recipe is easily adaptable to make mini pizzas as well!

I no longer measure and mix all the ingredients in the recipe. I just spray on the extra virgin olive oil, I use Fustini's Garlic Infused olive oil (purchased on-line) and I brush on Giuseppe's Balsamic (purchased at Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Township, MI or now in Grosse Pointe), and shake on organic garlic powder, organic oregano, and organic basil.

Note: Fustini's and Giuseppe's source their oils and vinegars from the same provider.

When making the pizza, I use Organic Valley's cheese from grass-fed cows (Whole Foods), Wellshire Farm's uncured pepperoni (Whole Foods), and Rao's Homemade (Whole Foods) pizza sauce.

Photo One Source:


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1 kommentar

30 apr. 2020

Another great blog! I love the "at least" statements and agree with them wholeheartedly. What a coincidence, I too just changed my tiny dixie cups to a glass!

I am trying to eliminating single use items, since I've read that you were. I'm getting there.

Thanks for the info on the head looking down at your phone. I will be more aware of this.

Love the Egoscue exercises. I do 1 and 3 during my yoga workouts but never heard of the gravity drop. Just looked it up and I like it. I will incorporate it in my daily workouts. Thanks.

I'll have to take a listen to the mediation video. I agree with you on the sunshine. Love …

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