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Closing out the month of January ...

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Coaching Corner: “What is before death is more important than what happens after.”

“All of life is the study of attention; where your attention goes, your life follows.”

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

How are you living your life? What are you waiting for? What small step do you want to take?

Living Environmentally Friendly: One month into my use of UNPAPER towels (, I love them! The message really came across when one of my family members said, “I need the regular paper towels, it feels like I am wasting these with one small use.” Exactly! I said. Why waste regular paper towel after one use when these could be used/washed over and over? So far, I haven’t missed the regular paper towels.

My biggest struggle has been the plastic bags from frozen veggies. More to follow as I come up with a balanced solution.

I have replaced parchment paper with a silicone baking mat. Is it quick and easy like parchment paper? Nope. I did find cleaning it with my Norwex scrubbing pad made it much simpler. I also read that you can reuse parchment paper, but I haven’t tried it.

Making Me Healthier:

Committed to a stricter whole food, plant-based (WFPB) way of life. I watched the recently released Netflix documentary, The Game Changers Prior to viewing The Game Changers, I watched a YouTube video regarding calorie density,, or here is an abbreviated article, Personally, I found the calorie density information has a bigger impact on my food decisions. After 90% WFPB way of living, I have benefitted from more energy, faster recovery time after tennis, and an increase of speed on the elliptical. The key for me is to have foods prepared to quickly grab especially away from home.

Still using egoscue. I was introduced to The Egoscue Method at a conference in LA in 2017 and have been using it since. The Egoscue Method uses a series of gentle exercises and stretches to return musculoskeletal balance and symmetry to your body.

app that grades your foods either via barcode scan or hand-type search.

Here is an example of one of my scanned products. I’m always walking around the grocery store with this app at hand.

app that provides ingredient grades (green/yellow/red) to products you use on your body and around your home.

Here is a sample product,

Discovering: We seem to burn through soap at our house. I purchase “clean” soap, meaning no harsh ingredients to my body or the environment. I have tried many, many brands. My latest is Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile bar soap. It has a green rating on the Think Dirty app. However, I purchased from Amazon. The bar seems to hold up and lathers well.

Cooking: Dr. McDougall’s Black Bean Sloppy Joes, The first day I served it on a broiled bun, the second day over hash browns, and the third day with an egg and avocado. I liked it best over the hash browns (Meijer brand organic hash browns, potatoes only). It was like a Mexican hash bowl. It is a very versatile recipe.

A lot of great ingredients without any taste. It didn't meld well. Thank goodness I have a compost pile. 😬

The biggest problem I have with Fork over Knives recipes is the fact that it is only a star-rating with no option to read comments from the raters. I have sent that suggestion over to the company. I now learned to always half new recipes.

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1 Comment

Jan 30, 2020

All good recommendations, thank you! I look forward to watching calorie density. I will sign up for the mediation. I love Oprah and Deepak! And I'll look into the other items you mentioned, for I too want to try to eliminate waste. I do love that fooducate app, I use it often. Thanks for all you do! Great blog!

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